All Season Roads

  All of the state highways.

  Stoney Corners Road from the West County Line east to 8 Mile Road.

  Lucas Road from Stoney Corners Road north to Cadillac Road.

  Burkett Road from Stoney Corners Road north to Geers Road. (Proposed for 2020 Geers Road to Falmouth Road).

  Jennings Road from M-66/M-55 west to LaChance Road then LaChance Road south to Rosted Road then Rosted Road west to Seeley Road then Seeley Road south to Boon Road.

  Morey Road from M-66 (Pioneer Road) north one mile to Phelps Road then Phelps Road from Morey Road east to Burkett Road then Burkett Road from Phelps Road north to the County Line.

  Falmouth Road from M-66 to Forward Road then north to Prosper Road then east to Stevens Road then south to Falmouth Road.

  Moorestown Road from Burkett Road to Nelson Road.

  Seven Mile Road from M-55 north to Moorestown Road.

Please contact us for information regarding seasonal roads. Thank you.